Hope is a beautiful thing – Let’s kick despair in the ass

I just got this update from my friend Michelle about Vinny. It’s an amazing story and a little hope goes a long way. If you are considering making a donation this holiday season, please consider donating to Michelle and Vinny. Every penny will be used for the purpose intended and you will be helping a local family continue to be a family.


Michelle Garcia
If I ever doubted there was someone/something above us I sure don’t today. I’ve been quiet, I’ve have so many things to do, and so many things to worry about. All the while trying to be by vinnys side. I have such a hard time leaving the hospital. When I do I get sick to my stomach, so it’s just not a good idea. Those of you who know me know that I was the same way when Oliver was born. Yesterday afternoon I was given some of the worst news imaginable. I was told my husband showed very little sign of brain activity, if any. The doctors decided to take him off the presidex and see if he could start to respond. It seemed bleak and I was beside myself. I’m so grateful for the friends who were there for me. It honestly never occurred to me that I would ever have to say goodbye. I stayed awake as long as I could but there was little change. There was a brain scan scheduled for the morning so I went to sleep. Well, sort of. When I woke up I went to vinny, I fixed his sheets, covered his feet, held his hand and started to fix his breathing tube. I was crying, and I said I love you, please just look at me, I need you to look at me. He turned his head, on his own, opened his eyes and started to cry. I had my husband back. The rest of the day I felt like I was in a dream. He cleared the brain activity test, got a new catheter for the dialysis, they started removing the excess fluids (130cc per hour) and they removed the restraints. He began to move his arms a little, he squeezed my hand, he nodded slightly when asked questions. His biggest complaint is the breathing tube. He hates it. The doctor said that if we can get his potassium to 4 and he continues to tolerate the removal of fluid he will get the tube removed possibly tomorrow. He will also be put on regular dialysis and not the slow machine he is currently on. The nurses continue to blow mind. The current nurse, patti, figured out that I have made her thanksgiving pies for the last 9 years! Not last year or this year of course due to the sudden closure, but hearing from a very happy customer really made my day. It also made me pretty sad. Thanksgiving was my second favorite holiday to bake for. Today was the best day of my life. My husband is going to live, he is going to walk out of that hospital and he is going to get his life back. We both are. Thank you all for the continued support. You are all amazing people.


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