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I received this from a friend of mine – he’s a great dad who is trying to keep his special needs son but the laws of the state of Arizona are not in his favor. Please help if you can and also repost his request on your Facebook or other social network site and comment on it so your friends notice it.  He really needs financial help to pay for his attorneys – OR  if you can help him legally, introduce his cause to any people of note you know, or even lift a prayer of hope for him and Aidan- anything will be much appreciated.


“I am desperately fighting for my son, Aidan. He has so much potential, he is so brilliant, there is someone very special in that wee soul of his. I’m struggling to protect him from being abused further by his mother, and keeping him out of foster or institutional care here in Phoenix as well.

I am looking for people who are willing to endorse him, sharing his story just once a day for a month. It could mean keeping him out of an institution or foster care here in Arizona. It could mean changing the life of one little boy for good.

That’s a picture of my son. He’s an eight year old, Autistic, ADHD kid with emotional and gastrointestinal issues. He’s a brilliant, and his favorite things are science, Lego’s and electronic music. I want what any parent wants, to give my son the best chance at a happy, healthy life. We need help, and we need it urgently as we rebuild our lives.

We’re taking those first steps of healing after suffering from years of dysfunction and abuse. The single biggest obstacle, the greatest source of stress, anxiety, and pain in our lives has been removed from our home. My son’s mother and my now ex-partner is now awaiting trial on charges of assault. There is currently an order of protection against her as well.

No more hearing my son cry after his mother screams at him “I hate you, you little sh-t”. No more being told “you’re a fat, useless, piece of sh-t!” by my partner. Now, I’m the single parent of a special needs son who depends on me to love, cherish, and protect him.
I do not want to lose my son, but here in Arizona an unmarried father has very limited rights, and I have to sue to get custody due to the laws of Arizona. I want to protect my son from the possibilities of more abuse, or the horrors of foster care in Arizona.

A sympathetic father’s rights attorney has been found but funds are needed to secure his services. A sympathetic father’s rights attorney has been found but funds are needed to secure his services. Please follow the link, read what’s going on, and how you can support this. Help me get the word out. Please, help me protect my son.

I taught my son: “‘Ohana means family. Family means no-one gets left behind. Or, forgotten.”
Thank You
JM Firecloud. “

Help Requested

Help Requested

Please keep Michelle & Vinny Garcia and their beautiful children, Gabe and Sofi, in your thoughts and prayers.  Vinny is seriously ill with ALL Leukemia and in physical crisis. He is a truly good man, who is not only a talent baker, but a devoted husband and father, son, brother and friend.

Michelle is trying to work, take care of their children and be with Vinny and she’s not able to do it all and still take care of their day to day expenses not to mention the mounting medical bills.  If you would like to help, please click on the link and make a donation on their page.

( ) No donation is too small and all is appreciated.