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Second Sight Rose features conversation on metaphysical, paranormal and spiritual topics, products, and methods.   It is not my intention nor is it my responsibility to make readers believe as I do but to allow open and respectful discussion on these topics.  If you are here, I will assume that there is something that has found you and you are looking for a few answers of your own.

Exploration of things unknown must balance healthy doses of belief and skepticism and ‘spirited’ discussions are welcomed here.  Additionally there may be subjects and opinions posted that are not within your belief system. Please respect other posters and ultimately yourself.

Trolls may or may not be mythical creatures but if you feel one taking over your keyboard, please note that there are no bridges or goats here.  Back quietly away from your computer and take a break.  And if you notice a troll has taken over someone’s keyboard, don’t feed it.   Hopefully the brute will leave and go elsewhere to be fed.

Take what works for you and leave the rest behind. 

To make it clear…

Abusive postings will be deleted.

Abusive posters will have posting privileges blocked and/or will be blocked from the page.

If you do not believe in any of the subjects discussed, please review your intentions for visiting this page.  I would rather not have you as a reader if the content upsets your gentle sensibilities.

The bottom line…

This is my blog and it’s chock full of my personal opinions and all the things that interest me.  If you don’t like them or my approach to the subjects, Google will recommend thousands of other pages for you to peruse.  Otherwise, sit back, enjoy and chime if you would like. There’s nothing better than a spirited discussion.

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