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The Intuitive Angel Radio Show November 2, 2016

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Chicago Tribune, Skokie Review, August 22, 2016


Conscious Community Magazine

All About Town

“My first appointment was with RoseWolf (Shamanic counselor, healer, reader, and teacher). While I have known RoseWolf for several years, this was my first opportunity to receive a reading from her. Upon meeting her, one of the first things I noted was her energy. She is an extremely powerful woman, and fully embodies the warrior archetype of the divine feminine. Both priestess and healer, showing strength and benevolence, RoseWolf clearly walks the talk.”

Spiritual Learning Center Intuitive Gala 1/24/2016 



All readings and healings for the Gala are $35 for 25 minutes and $70 for 50 minutes. By appointment only. Please call 312-786-0077 to schedule your sessions in advance and assure that you receive the time and reader you desire.  

RoseWolf                   Psychic Medium

Bringing together messages from spirits and guides, the tarot and shamanic principles, RoseWolf finds the answers to the questions that haunt you most. Since 1994, RoseWolf has been a professional reader, teacher and, as always, a student of the spiritual arts.