My last testimonial page somehow disappeared into the internet ethers.  I need your help to recreate it.  If you have had a reading or attended a class with RoseWolf, please provide a testimonial.  I am grateful for any and all feedback.

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Ery (Private client)

My Soul Retrieval session with Rose was amazing.  She helped me address issues I was having and after my retrieval with her I felt revitalized. I felt a return in my femininity. I went from always being in a ponytail and work pants to not being able to leave the house without mascara ☺ The day after my retrieval session many people commented saying I had a glow to my face and look very beautiful.  I literally felt complete and ready to tackle the challenges that I had been putting off for years. During my retrieval she told me some things  that confirmed so much about why I was in the situation I was in at the time. She had no way of knowing what I was struggling with internally, it was incredible. Plus, she follows up with you after the session to make sure you are adjusting peacefully. I am very grateful to her and the amazing work she does! ~Ery~

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Eboni (Private client)

Hearing about soul retrieval immediately resonated with me and it’s just one of those things that you “know” the timing is right for.  RoseWolf explained it very clearly to me and had me feeling comfortable with what I was getting into. The key to the process is to be open and to trust yourself, your guides and RoseWolf to work the magic of the process.

Soul retrieval is so real.  I can both physically and mentally see a difference immediately after it was done and was awestruck by finding out that part of what I saw during meditation was so similar to what RoseWolf described from her journey from gathering my pieces.
This has literally been one of the many “magics” that I wish I could race down the halls and stand on the rooftops yelling about how amazing this has been for my life. Soul retrieval is absolutely a real process that can start a new chapter in your life. I emerged from the epic saga RoseWolf shared with me about her retrieval journey so deeply touched and knowing that I am never alone. I can distinctly see that there was frail, broken and fragmented me before and now I am whole with my light fully restored at full life force vibrancy.



Name: Lerma
Where did you see RoseWolf? Private Client

When I first meet Rose, I feel that the divine master had connected us together. She walks the talk. I was relieved of her answers to all my questions that are plaguing me the most.

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Beth
Where did you see RoseWolf? skype

I had my very first tarot reading ever, with Rose and was so glad I did. She is quite amazing. It was new to me and Rose explained everything very clearly. I remember she laughed because the same cards kept coming up over and over again for me no matter how they were pulled. Rose also told me about 2 spirits that had come to visit us during the reading. It was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t wait to book another reading with her again. She is truly gifted. Truly.

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Peter
Where did you see RoseWolf? Crystal River Gifts

Hello, Prior to seeing R.W. I had only been to one other Psychic Medium for two separate readings that were very enlightening for Me as a first timer. As a result, I eventually wanted to have another reading from a different perspective and Rose had the background and history in the areas that I was interested in. First, I attended two classes that Rose offered to learn more about her as a person. After those two perfectly timed classes I knew she was the perfect fit for my next big reading prior to the Holidays/ New Year. After my first and only reading with Rose I’ve sung her praises to those who are interested in Psychic Mediums and those who will listen. I’ve also attended more classes offered at Crystal River Gifts through Rose to not only continue learning from her but to understand Mediums, readings, and the YOUniverse as a whole. I look forward to my next reading with Rose as she’s extremely clear, fast, deep, and plentiful in relation to the information pertaining to “my life” and what I need to hear, know, understand, and be aware of. I’m still new to having readings but Rose has offered me an abundance of notes as well as clarity and understanding to many facets of my personal life and well being. I was amazed with Roses’s accuracy and precision as well as how fast the information flowed. I definitely felt extremely pumped going into the Holidays and New Year as well as what had been haunting me from my past! I can only speak for myself but I’ve recommended Rose many times and now, here on her website I encourage you to do your homework and look into befriending her. She’s the Real Deal as a Human BEing and she also happens to be a Gifted Psychic Medium. All The Best To You On Your Journey!

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Kaye B.
Where I saw RoseWolf: Private Reading

Rose is an amazing reader. It’s not just about her readings; it’s about the learnings that she allows us to experience through her readings. Personally, I’ve walked away from her sessions with an undeniable insight into my present and future paths. Rose has this ability to pull us from the past and right smack dab into the present. That, my friends, is a true gift.

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Margo K
Where I saw RoseWolf: Private Reading

Rose Wolf is a very dynamic individual as well as a trusting confidant. Her readings are very awe inspiring as well as she is.  I am impressed on how articulate she is and focused. She backs up her readings with why things are the way they are.  I recommend her highly as she is someone who will not disappoint you.

black-line-divider-clipart-1Where I saw RoseWolf: Private Reading
Name: MiMi Rawks
Rose Wolf is my go-to for tarot readings, as her accuracy and insights are detailed and nothing short of remarkable (so specific, she forewarned me that someone would be emailing me from a different email address; she was right). Beyond readings, she is someone I can turn to for ideas about improving various aspects of my life, Reiki healing, and even non-essential questions I have that no one but her would ever have the answers to! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity on the chaos on their lives.

black-line-divider-clipart-1Where I saw RoseWolf: Private Reading
Name: Kimmi

Rose is mobile!!! She will travel to YOU. She’s really into providing ease and convenience in your life. Beyond that, she’s spot on with her visions! I had a tarot reading. We met at Starbucks, which captivated the patrons at neighboring tables. That’s a great way for her to drum up future business, by the way, so I HIGHLY recommend this option. Anyway, back to ME. 😉 She projected things that have really come to fruition in all areas of life: Career, family, love, sex! It’s fun to kind of sit back and watch life unfold as she predicted. However, she also presented me with options and empowered me to choose. Rose operates under the premise that while events are probable, they are never 100% certain. As human beings, we are always at choice. There’s a big shift afoot in my love life, where come April, I will have the option of either carrying on with the status quo or taking a huge leap of faith with someone who could amount to be my perfect partner. All timelines, emotional states and events she predicted up til now have come to pass, so I’m really interested in seeing what materializes in April. 😉 For the winter, I will be working hard and hibernating in a sense, building my creative career empire and focusing on self. Come April, not only will this lush tree I’ve been fertilizing start producing fruit, some remarkable guy will come into my life and find me “fascinating.” I can dig it!

Go see Rose! Time with her is so connected and uplifting, no matter what phase of life you’re in…no matter what you’re going through.

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Lynn C
Where I saw RoseWolf: Other

My daughter and I have had the pleasure of meeting Rose at a seminar last March 15, in Mke. It has been a delight to get to know her thru our meeting and FB, I sure wish she lived closer! She has wonderful insight and certain wisdom that I have never received from another Tarot card reader!

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Desiree
Where I saw RoseWolf: Other

Rose did amazing tarot readings for my mom, and I. The insight she gave us was valuable, and accurate, and she was willing to let us ask questions that we had on our minds. I highly recommend getting a tarot reading from Rose. She is definitely in touch with her psychic abilitites!

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Ery
Where I saw RoseWolf: Private Reading

Rose Wolf is an absolute treasure!!! The detailed way she gives her readings leaves you feeling confident & secure in your decisions. Every reading I have had with her leaves me with goosebumps because of how spot on she is! I am also extremely grateful for her guidance in a very messy court case because thanks to her I took the necessary precautions and won! Be warned though because she doesn’t tell you what you want to hear she tells you what needs to be said. If you come to her for a reading be ready for the truth. Rose is one of a kind, you will not regret a reading with her!

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: J Steele
Where I saw RoseWolf:: Private Reading

Rose is an amazing woman and an excellent reader. I was going thru a very difficult time and after talking with her, it really brought a sense of relief and peace to my mind. I highly recommend her.


Name: Nan Sampson
Where I saw RoseWolf: Store (Crystal River Gifts

This past spring I was going through a very tumultuous time. I booked a reading with Rose at Crystal River Gifts, the first reading I’d had in nearly a decade. It was an amazing experience. She was able to zero in intuitively on what was going on at that moment in time and was able to offer some very relevant and inspiring insights. I walked in apprehensive and at the end of my rope and walked out with a spring in my step and the courage in my heart to keep doing what needed to be done. She truly has a gift and I’m grateful she shared it with me! I highly recommend her!

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Mary Allen
Where I saw RoseWolf:: Store (Crystal River Gifts

Rose is the best at readings I have ever been to! I am going to have another reading from her soon!

black-line-divider-clipart-1Name: Jan Morse
Where I saw RoseWolf: Store (Crystal River Gifts

Rose and I have been meeting up for a while now. The readings have been spot on, fun, insightful. In December my grandfather, who I never knew, came forward in a most helpful way. He’s a sweetheart and his gentle loving spirit brightens my days!


Name: Christine Payne
Where I saw RoseWolf: Store (Crystal River Gifts

I would advise anyone to see Rose she is so gifted,and right on the money,wonderful experience.