An auspicious way to begin the day

After a rough week I looked forward to my weekend at Crystal River Gifts.  I got up on time, got everything together, ran an errand before I got on the road (CRG is over an hour away from my home.)  And wouldn’t you know it – I get behind a pokey driver, one that is looking at everything on both sides of the road, weaving slightly back and forth as the driver and passenger point here and there.  I look at the GPS, think that I want to get to the store as early as possible, and I start to pass the car and a little voice tells me, “Don’t. Just stay here.”  So I follow for another minute and try to pass again. Same voice, “DON’T!”  At that moment the car behind me pulls into the oncoming lane.  A SUV pulls out of a driveway at a high speed, hits the car that just pulled out behind me, and the car flips.  Cars on both sides stop to help and I was stuck waiting for the police to come and begin directing traffic. I pulled into the store 15 minutes later than anticipated but in one piece.  Another friend had a similar experience earlier in the week.

So what is the lesson here? Don’t trust your GPS because you don’t know what may happen? Yes, that could be one of the lessons learned.  But more for me it was to LISTEN to that voice that is often pushed down. It isn’t always that immediate gratification (if you can call it that) but in retrospect that little voice has always been truthful.  And when I haven’t listened I have paid the price.

I’d like to hear from others about times when they did or didn’t listen to their inner voice. Chime in below.

One thought on “An auspicious way to begin the day”

  1. My spirit guide warned me and my husband when we were driving on l-90 that our car was going to be hit. He said I couldn’t get out of car but tell husband to because the car will be hit again. Five minutes later horns were blowing and there was a car moving sideways towards drivers side of our car. I warned my husband to get going and we avoided the crash and that car continued to change lanes and exit. Got to thank those horns and my guide.

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