It’s Been A While….

It has been a while since I have paid attention to this site. The changes in my life and in the world (as we all know) distracted me a bit. In the interim I experienced some lows (a broken neck and resulting surgeries) and some highs (moving into my little haunted dream home and wooded property in Indiana) yet my connection to spirit(s) has remained constant.

I promise that will be working on this site to improve it and to start including the content that I have been working on. I have greater insight on earlier hauntings that I experienced as a child and have been working as a consultant on a few long term hauntings.

I am still doing private sessions and parties. For sessions/readings I can be reached ay 312.869.2410 or by emailing me at

It’s Spooky Season Folks! Do you feel the veil thinning? I do! Boooooo!

~RoseWolf 9/30/2022

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